Here are a few examples of what you might expect to see of your landscaping project before construction actually begins. You can enlarge (or download, in some cases) each one by clicking on it.

This is a fine example of our detailed Master Plan, showing how we are more thorough than our competition. Nothing is overlooked, no matter how small the detail. The Master Plan addresses everything from hardscape construction (pools, patio, driveways and paths) to bed and plant (size, cultivar, and quantity). We thoroughly research site conditions, shade coverage, potential future use, traffic flow, and most importantly, your vision.

Some companies provide low cost-basic designs known as a Conceptual Plans (see example below). Beware of any plan that is not detailed enough or lacks quantities, sizes, exact locations, and cultivars. They are a poor substitute as they lack essential information.

Schematic Master Plan
(Available only as a download – 760 KB PDF format)

In some instances, a design is not enough. Camberly Gardens prepared this detailed design and written guideline for a corporate customer. It allowed them to envision the landscape changes.

Conceptual plan

Camberly Gardens provides each design customer with a black and white Master Plan for their review and notes. This computerized design can be revised to show any changes you desire.

Most Master Plans also include a color rendering to help the customer differentiate between different plant types and better understand what the proect will ultimately look like.