Deer control
Watching deer casually eat your landscape plantings can be an annoying and frustrating experience – but hope is not lost!

Let Camberly Gardens perform safe and effective preventative spraying with a natural product that is highly effective in controlling deer. Our Deer Repellent service will save you money by eliminating the need to replace valuable plants.

Our trained crews will carefully and selectively spray plant materials deer typically eat as this saves you money over blanket applications.

The natural spray coats the leaves with a safe, long-lasting invisible film. Once dry, your plants and shrubs have both a bitter taste and an undesirable smell that only deer can detect. Once your plant materials are no longer palatable to deer, they will seek food elsewhere.

What makes our Deer Repellent applications work so well is that, unlike our competitors, we periodically alter the composition of the spray so that the deer never become accustomed to it. 

For best results, we visit approximately every 30 days during the growing season. We tailor your program to the plantings at your home and local deer pressure.

Deer Repellent is so effective we guarantee your treatments! If you see deer damage between applications we will make the next application for free.
Contact Camberly Gardens today before it’s too late for your plants!

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He's garden enemy #1!
But we know what he doesn't like!
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