At Camberly Gardens, we are dedicated to creating unique landscapes. This process involves input from both you and our landscape design team. We approach each customer with fresh ideas and an open mind. Our goal is to implement the best possible plan to meet your needs and visions, while maximizing efficiency. Once you contact us to put the process in motion, this is what you can expect:
The initial meeting
The first step will involve a meeting with you. At this meeting, we learn as much as possible about your visions and your intentions for land use. We ask pointed questions – covering areas from what you need now to what you’ll need in the long term. With the information we gather, we can determine whether you need a landscape design or whether the project can proceed without one.
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Why plan?
Many projects are impossible without the forethought and planning that goes on behind the scenes. A landscape plan is as vital as blueprints are for a new home or skyscraper. With a landscape plan, thousands of dollars can be saved though project efficiency and prioritizing. A design will help you decide whether to do the entire project all at once, or to break it into pieces and complete it over time – plus, it will allow you to visualize an area while sitting at your kitchen table.
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to see the plan to update this back yard.
Meet with a landscape designer or architect
If a landscape design is necessary, a designer then meets with you (at your home) to gather more information about your project. At this meeting, you’ll discuss the design itself, the design fees, and your project budget.
The design begins
Once you give us the approval, we begin gathering measurements and making site surveys. Important details (such as your site’s topography, soils, access, sun/shade conditions, and your color preferences) are noted.
Draft presentation
The landscape design team works with the gathered information and crafts an initial design. This is presented to you to confirm that the project is proceeding as envisioned.

This initial design may contain a number of different alternatives for a specific area. (Our goal is to challenge conformity and break preconceptions!) We work hard to give you a thorough understanding of the colors, textures, and materials planned for use in your landscape. (As a side note: This website contains a plant material library and a hardscape material library to show you many different materials which we use in our designs. These online resources are a convenient way to help you to understand what’s going into your project).
As designs are developed, you review them with the designer and make changes as necessary. Throughout the process, you can be assured that the designer has noted your concerns and ideas. (It is, after all, your landscape!)
Presentation of completed design
After all questions have been answered and you are happy with the design, we present you with a completed design. Your design now confidently portrays your conceptual ideas in the form of a workable plan.
Detail of a completed landscape plan showing pavers and plantings.
Implementation! Upon completion of the design process, construction can begin!